"...Dear father,
I am very glad to announce to you that, after all the efforts we made, we have been rewarded as deserved.
Our good wine, produced with great love and expertise, will be delivered everywhere in the Reign, starting today; I would also like to inform you that, in a  few days, a cart loaded with our wine will leave for the faraway lands of Savoy and Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
You only can understand our feelings and how proud we are of all this. We always think of you. A big hug..."

                                                                                                                                                            Your son Camillo

Camillo Di Carlo's letter to his father 

Crecchio, 13 Dicembre 1830

Two centuries have passed since then and the property has expanded to become an organic farming business, Azienda Agriverde, now run by Giannicola Di Carlo. The Company exports its products all over the world and boasts prestigious international awards for its quality wines and olive oil. The Agriverde complex is unique for a number of special features and it is an ideal place to spend a holiday and to restore well being: colours, flavours, aromas and daily routine that are part of humanity's most ancient traditions.

AGRIVERDE wines divulge the culture of “terroir” melting the concepts of  Climate, Geology, Topography and Soil.
The recovery of natural yeasts, going away from the standards of aromatic yeasts, gives to our wines a taste intimately tied to the territory, restoring the centrality of the natural element and of the features of the belonging “terroir”.

"... Wine is a living product, son of the place, of the season and of culture too, it's the perfect synthesis between man and nature, between man and a single place, it's the chance to transform limitations in values, to know a place towards knowledge and respect of nature..."

                                                                                                                                                           Giannicola Di Carlo



AGRIVERDE mission is to produce superior wines preserving what we inherited from Nature, in order to hand it down to future generations.

AGRIVERDE philosophy is centred on the respect of Nature and Man himself.

“Often I think that rules can be ridden by fashions and that it’s easier to impose absurd rules in order to break them. This is the way great wealth raises. It’s easy to live upon others’ ingenuity. They did it also when they said that we would solve everything by the chemistry…on the contrary we saw the impoverishment of lands and the risk of homologation of wine production!…”

                                                                                                                                                          Giannicola Di Carlo



Biotechnical principles are the heart of the newly-designed Agriverde Winery, built in perfect harmony with the landscape.

Natural materials and forms conjure up the rippling sea and gentle hillsides between the Adriatic coast and mount Majella. The modern stainless steel finishes combine with the friendly wood surfaces, handerafted windows and bricks, leading into the cradle of the most ancient culture....Wine.

It’s not a case then, that in the project of new AGRIVERDE winery, principles of Bioarchitecture and Biotechnique have been involved. All the rooms have been built with eco-friendly materials, electrical installations have been screened against magnetic fields, flooring and passages have been assembled with natural glues, everything has been done accordingly to the philosophy  of AGRIVERDE. In perfect harmony with the landscape, forms and volumes conjure up the Sky, the Earth and the Sea, where AGRIVERDE lives in the gentleness of its hills, between Adriatic Sea and the Mount Maiella. We only ever harvest our grapes by hand to ensure that just best bunches are picked. We prefer hi-tech in our wine cellars to ensure we have complete control over all production phases. Costant quality over time for each single bottle. Our wines are stored in temperature-controlled cells to achieve top quality during bottle ageing.



- Caldaria a Caldari

- Colle dei Silvi e Zetis a Ortona

- Piane di Maggio, Colle del Duca e Capo le Vigne a Rogatti

- Finamore e Pietra Lata a Frisa

- Capomandra, Riseis di Recastro e Tenuta del Barone a Crecchio

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